Why us – AutoTradeLeaders-Auto trade forex for You

AutoTradeLeaders’s main Idea : Members of AutoTradeLeaders ( ATL ) can see each other’s actual trades in real-time . We design ” auto trade forex packages” that we call (ATL Forex Signal Master Package ). The ATL Forex Signal Masters is the trade automation service that lets you follow our ATL Forex Signal Master Package and automatically execute the trades of the most successful traders from the ATL Forex Signal Masters programs.

When you decide which ATL Forex Signal Master you want to follow, the AutoTradeLeadersputs you , in control of your personal automated trading portfolio. You can enjoy the auto forex trading even if you don’t have the time to trade or you’re a newbie, by using our advanced trade mirroring technology to automatically copy all trades.  Total Auto Execute Trades using our Expert Advisor metatrade bridge.
I. 100% guaranteed Automated Forex Signal Trading

ATL Forex Signal Masters package  is a real time provider of professional fx signals that are delivered directly to your Metatrader trading platform 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. There is no need for you to spend time waiting for a signal to arrive, manually enter any trades or worry about duplicating our performance. With our signal receiver software installed on your Metatrader platform, when we enter a position, so will you….Instantly and with Ease!

We are professional forex traders primarily using technical analysis,news timming. Our forex trading is based on the same price action patterns that institutional traders use. We are short term traders looking to minimize our exposure by holding postions for just a few hours.

We trade every alert in our real account with real money. So you can rest assure knowing that with our hard earned money on the line, we take each and every trade seriously. ATL Forex Signal Master Package is like having a professional managed forex money manager by your side without ever having to reliquish control of your money.

ATL Forex Signal Master Package  promises to demonstrate the highest level of integrity at all times. We do not trade for excitement or thrills, we trade for profit. If you are looking for “action” and “hyper active” trading, go elswhere because that is not what we are about. We are not here to boast unreal claims of turning a few thousand dollars into a million overnight. If that is what you’re looking for, go to Vegas or play the lottery because that’s not how it’s done in the professional trading world. We trade for income, wealth, low draw-downs and consistency with a disciplined focus on proper risk management.

II. 100% Guaranteed AutoTradeLeaders Cash Back Programs : Rebate cash when you trade!.

Get Cash Back Forex when you trade at industry leading brokers. A Win-Win strategy, which is designed to benefit all participants. If you want to go far, Go with us- AutoTradeLeaders.com ! With “ATL Cash Back Forex Program“.Your spreads and trading conditions DO NOT change, they remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is that a client that opens their account through us gets extra cash for each trade ! You will receive Cash Back Forex when you are using our services Or you trade yourself . You lost nothing !

When you open a trading account through us we earn a commission from your broker for each trade your account place ( event you don’t use our auto forex trade copy technology, You also receive cash back ). From this commission we in turn pay you cash for each trade your account place( event you don’t use our auto trade forex technology,You also receive cash back . Your spreads and trading conditions DO NOT change, they remain the same as if you had opened an account directly with the broker. The only difference is that a client that opens their account through us gets extra cash for each trade.

You’re Newbie ? any risk of transaction money ? The live forex trading account is in Your Name, and the money goes from you to your forex broker, the money only go back in the same way of the first time deposit, go back to the person owner’s trading account . It’s mean: only you have full power control your money. The money only go back to you  (the owner ) in any case …

As the largest and most sought after broker marketing tool on the web and with volume far exceeding all other rebate providers combined,AutoTradeLeaders – Auto Trade Forex For You delivers unparalleled rebate rates and service and will beat any competitor rate. If you have any questions please contact our 24 hour support staff via email, live chat, or phone, here Please read further on below for more details about our company and service.

How much you can earm ? Please use our tool for caculator your cash back of end each month .

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Our ATL forex affiliates programs enjoy substantial earning potential, with online access to traffic statistics and performance. We provide our affiliates with online support, promotions, creative materials and professional tools – free of charge. Becoming an ATL forex affiliater is FREE and easyIII. 100% Guaranteed Friendly Affiliate Programs .

In Your Autotradeleaders area member, you will see My Affiliate management Tab: Here you will find tools to introduce to people, “such asemail templates, Baners, anchor text .

Our ATL Forex Affiliate Program offers great potential earning possibilities to develop your business while enjoying professional tools and includes among others:

•Attractive incentives for customer conversion and retention
•Promotional and creative materials to assist affiliate’s marketing efforts
•Accurate and reliable statistics, tracking, reporting and display
•Fast, reliable cash and commission payments

With an advanced tracking system and an expert support team you can track your account and optimize your income. Our generous commission plan, based on Lot Size Trading, lets you earn high rewards while choosing the strategy that suites your needs.

Why affiliate with us?
•Affiliates enjoy unlimited earning potential.
•Personalized account management and support.
•Attractive incentives for customer conversion and retention.
•Frequently updated promotional and creative materials to assist affiliate’s marketing efforts.
•Accurate and reliable statistics, tracking, reporting and display.
•Great commission plan which include:Lot Size Trading.
•Fast, reliable cash and commission payments.
Reap the rewards of our generous commissions for promoting our high-profile brand.

AutoTradeLeaders.com pay commissions to you : The Total Commission you will receive Monthly =  50% (Monthly Package Billing of your refered user ) +  25% (Rebate cash of your refered user) + Your Cash Back Forex .

Enjoy guaranteed on-time, monthly payments and a wide range of payment options.
Keep an eye on your account. Manage your account online with advanced, comprehensive features.
We produce promotions just for our affiliates. We appreciate our affiliates and constantly devise more ways for you to gain profit.
Take advantage of our comprehensive selection of high-quality marketing tools for online and offline use. You’ll find our latest and hottest items right at your fingertips.
The AutoTradeLeaders Affiliate Program Support Team is ready and waiting to assist you.

IV. 100% guaranteed 24/7 Forex Support -Live /Ticket Support

Our service is no exception.

For a long time now, I am working with my support team, consisting of people who are both friendly and focused on delivering accurate answers quickly. You won’t have to wait weeks for an answer. You will not lose precious time trying to explain your problem to a random person in the Far East.As a member, my support team will pamper you to make sure that you can focus on making money rather than technical issues.

If you have any account-specific inquiries, or you would like to communicate with a AutoTradeLeaders support representative, we are available 24×7 over live chat and email ticket support system.

1. Live Support :

We will be able to answer most questions regarding our products or your account right away. In some cases, we may request you to submit a ticket.

2. Create Ticket : If you have a complex question or problem, it is better to submit a ticket as this is the place where we can help you with anything relating to the services provided by us.In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required.